Food lover you say ?

As you can see on these cute pictures of baby Charlotte at 1 (Yes, I’m a very modest person), chocolate has been my number 1 passion since I was born!

Raised in a French family with 3 brothers (and yes, I’m still alive!), we used to spend a lot of time around the table, for lunch and dinners altogether.

We love to share food for no other reason than to spend time together. My family and I celebrate every birthday with an amazing meal and cake too. So, I have a lot of pictures like the ones below.

If you have siblings, you know how rare these occasions are to have your unique moment—the one where you can choose to eat what you prefer. So, we always had our favorite birthday cake!

Most of the time, it was a homemade birthday cake of course, with our favorite flavor of the moment. As I’ve been used to eating fresh homemade meals and pastries, it has always been a pleasure to participate in the meal preparation or the birthday cakes for my brothers (Of course never my own cake! The cake remains a complete secret until the precious candle moment)

Step by step, I started to bake more and more at home. Then at 14, while in school, I did an immersion week in a pastry shop (See how little I look next to M.Pierre CHALLAMEL, the Pastry Chef).

Don’t ask me why but at 18, I started a degree in Marketing. During my first year, I was really bored, so I decided to become a Patry chef (Yes, I did both degrees at the same time).

So, I trained myself every weekend (my family was very happy because they always had several cakes to enjoy). I successfully passed the exam in July 2017, a year before I had my Marketing degree. I have a “CAP de pâtissier” (see my official Diploma below), and I’m officially a Pastry chef.

After this little challenge, I decided to launch a YouTube channel in French where I shared for more than a year, a recipe per week.

And here I am right now!

I’m now a Pastry Consultant who travel around the world to teach Pastry chef the best French recipes. I also created Online Pastry Courses in order for people to taste the real taste of French Pastry from the comfort of their home!