Discover with me the delicious French Pastries through the different French region.

This week will focus on Centre – Val de Loire region.

Find here a little map with the localization. 

Discover with me four emblematic pastries from this region. More than pastry, you could find in this region a lot of incredible castles. Full of agricultural land and flat space, it’s a really beautiful place which you could visit throw the several bike path. 

Let’s start.

This famous and delicious Apple Tarte Tatin was created due to a mistake from the Tatin sisters during a really busy day at their restaurant. 

They simply forgot to put the pie crust in their specialty: the Apple tart. To rectify this mistake, they decided to put the pie crust on the top and flip it after the cooking. 

Have you ever wonder to bake yours from the comfort of your home? Find here my recipe of this emblematic French dessert. 

Le Pithiviers

The Pithiviers recipes comes from the Middle-Age and was really developed during the Romain empire. 

The word “Pithiviers” means crossroads between the four paths. 

There are two different kinds of Pithiviers: the one which melt-in-the-mouth and the puff pastry one. 

This first one is like a pound cake with sugar, butter, eggs and almonds. It’s covered with an icing and candied fruits on the top (see the pictures).

The second one is almost like a king’s cake, two puff pastry with an almond cream inside (not a frangipane like the king’s cake).

Nougat de Tours

This recipe comes from Touraine from the 15th century. Time of Leonard de Vinci who liked a lot almond and candied fruit.

This pastry is composed of pie pastry, apricot marmalade, candied fruit and an almond macaronade (which is a mix between almond powder, sugar and egg whites). Last, some icing sugar on the top after the cooking.

Croquet de Charost

The legend says that a railway worker on the path of Santiago de Compostela, gave this recipe to thank a baker, who offered him to stay for the night. This recipe without any fat, energy-giving and long preservative, is perfect for the pilgrim, to allow them to stay awake during their walk on the path.

This recipe is really well known in the Center region. Kids eat some after school, and French soldier had some as well during the war. It’s really a part of the culinary heritage of France.

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