Learn how to become a real Frenchie, with our delicious traditional breakfast and the emblematic Croissant!

I discovered when I began to travel that we, French people, have a very specific breakfast compared to other countries. I know that each country has its specialty, but I’m here to tell you about France and what I know.

Our breakfast is usually composed of sweets, and we do not have a lot of salty elements in it.

As a drink, we can go for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, which completely depends on the taste of the person. If you go for tea, in France, we drink it regularly, and we don’t add milk as in England.

We really enjoy eating fresh baguettes with butter and homemade jam. If you have already tasted our Baguette, I think you know why we enjoy that so much.

For me, fresh bread from the bakery is a must-have in my kitchen; I really enjoy bread at any moment of the day but especially in the morning.

We could also go for other types of bread, but the baguette is the most common one.

Occasionally, we could also go for a croissant or pain au chocolat. I know that you thought we could go for it every morning (trust me if I could, I’ll go for one each morning), but to be honest, it’s really fat, so I prefer to reserve them for Sunday morning for example when I take more time, etc. Enjoy my breakfast with my boyfriend.

I also enjoy them when I go to a cafe to take breakfast with a friend.

If you go to a cafe to eat the typical breakfast, it is what will be proposed to you:

  • Hot drink
  • Juice
  • French baguette with butter and jam
  • A croissant

Some history on the origin of our typical French breakfast. It’s a very new habit that appeared only at the end of the 19eme century.

Indeed, before that, people were eating in the morning but more like regular bread in some soup, nothing sweet. It’s with the discovery in other countries like coffee and chocolate that this meal changed a little bit first with the aristocrat. These new habits gained all the country during the Industrial revolution when the workers began to have very long and hard days and needed some power before starting their works.

Nowadays, the new generation changes their habits and go for a different type of breakfast like porridge, salty one with eggs as well.

I’m the first one who loves changing her habits during breakfast.

But to be honest, I always love to go back to the tradition, for example, when I go on holiday I’m so happy to get back to my bread and my croissant! So, Frenchie, I know!

For the old generation, like my grandparent, they always go for the traditional way.

My grandfather goes to the bakery every morning and brings to my grandmother her baguette with a little croissant sometimes.

If it’s not a proof of love, I don’t know what it is!

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